cousins 3

My favorite photos of all the Thanksgiving/Chanukah/Thanksgivukkah photos that have been flying around the internet this week has been the “cousins” photo.  Happy kids embracing one another and smiling big for the camera.  I saw cousins on the beach, cousins in snow, cousins around a turkey and menorahs, cousins piled on couches and more.

What is it about these happy cousins that warms my heart?  (For the record, I didn’t grow up with cousins.  I have two first cousins a decade plus younger than me that lived far away.)  I watch my kids and their cousins and love the connection they all have.  Their ages range from college to toddler and yet, there is still a sweetness and camaraderie amongst them.

As adults, we siblings, enjoy seeing our kids connect with each other.  Since cousins often live in separate communities  and/or states there is the loving, fun and “vacation” mentality that they enjoy with one another without the day-to-day conflict that we see amongst siblings.  There is less competition, need to share and work together with cousins. Cousins spend a week at the beach together,  bond at holidays and other family gatherings that are surrounded by fun, celebration and low stress.

Although  many extended families have their share of tension, it seems like the young generation of cousins is spared the age old family spats and disagreements.  The cousins don’t care that their great aunt whoever has a ten year grudge against uncle so-and-so; they just care about giggling, beating their older cousin at the X-box and warm memories of these annual events.

I do hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday  and their was some good cousin time shoved into the mix.

cousins 2


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