“Oh the thinks you can think” Seussical the Musical


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Herndon High School production of Seussical the Musical.  The show was great; the actors, the set, the costumes  and the choreography were brilliant.  It was a really happy show and the teens looked like they were having as much fun performing for us as we, the  audience, were watching them on stage.

While donning my “therapist hat” for a moment during the performance I thought about all the talent and confidence, as well as the insecurity and anxiety, inhabiting the teens before me.  Of course, I was unable to detect any blatant weakness.  The kids were well prepared, beautifully made-up and top-notch performers.  But, I know teenagers and I know that underneath all of the make-up and costumes on stage or  behind the North Face jackets and Uggs in class breed a host of anxieties and fears.

Am I good enough? Smart enough? Thin enough? Cool enough? Popular enough? Rich enough? Athletic enough? Talented enough?……

My therapist observations felt bittersweet.  I loved the fact that these kids were putting themselves out there on stage, I loved that they danced and sang and wore fun and silly costumes for all to see. I loved that they seemed really happy and excited about the performance.

I worry about their own self-criticism.  I feel for the kids that were disappointed for not getting the part they wanted, and even more so for the kids that aren’t confident enough to even try-out for a show.

Being a teenager is such a mixed bag – as if putting all  the highs and lows of life in a blender and blasting them together in a full speed whirl.

I want to praise the cast and crew for a fabulous show and hope  you all know how wonderful you are both with and without the makeup and glitz.


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