My Website

How many of you know I have a website? I don’t talk about it much (read: never), but I was just over there checking on it  and thought you might want to go on over for a visit  and say “hi”.

The site talks about me and my practice, Laurie Levine LCSW LLC.   There is a bit of my professional background, my ideas about therapy, a confidentiality policy and then a more involved page about the different services I provide.  I have included information about fees and policies and a contact area as well.

There is a spot for this blog  where each post that is published here is also published over there.   Sometimes potential clients  may find the website from a web search, or from one of the therapy search engines to which I belong (Psychology Today, Good Therapy, Theravive), but they don’t necessarily find this blog.  I wouldn’t want them to miss any of my ramblings, so I include the blog in both spots.

There you have it,  the official run-down on the Laurie Levine LCSW LLC website.  How would your day be complete without such vital information?  🙂


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