The Calm Before the Storm


I was able to leisurely take a  wog  (walk/jog) this morning before work since offspring are enjoying their favorite time of the year at sleep-away camp.  As I huffed and puffed along the quiet streets of Fairfax County in early August, I realized that this stillness is short lived.   The vacationers are gone, the office is quiet and I haven’t cooked a meal in weeks!

There are hints that IT is coming; the weather had a moment of coolness, soccer and dance registration are here and we just had no-tax weekend (I always feel that it is TOO early to hit up the school supplies aisle in early August, but clearly, I am in the minority here).

As I revel in this peace, I am aware that it will end with a bang (literally when the kids land in the garage with pounds of dirty laundry) and do wish the transition was more gradual.   I go from moments of boredom when my house is too quiet and actually clean to practice/orthodontists/carpools etc.

So, my dear readers, enjoy the tranquility, the long days with sunlit evenings and LACK OF HOMEWORK.  Good things are upon us although they involve alarm clocks and packing lunches; sometimes it is nice to take a moment and enjoy what is right here in front of us.


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