A little hello



It’s been a little quiet over here in blog-land.  I’ve started a few posts and they sit waiting in my cue for the final editing etc.  My posts tend to go better when they fly off my fingers onto the screen.  I know then that I have something important to say.  Not that the ones awaiting perfection aren’t important,  sometimes the words just flow easier (remember,  a writer, I am not).

I have nothing to say, but I get anxious when a random site emails me and says “we’ve missed your blogs”.   Why?  I don’t know – a job for my own inner anxiety reducer.

I had a lovely vacation over July 4th and plunged back in to heavy client days only to have a little reprieve for hump day today before more busy-ness for the end of the week.  Summer is tricky for the solo therapist, it is actually tricky for most businesses  unless you rent boats or manage camps.

Vacations, camps, well-behaved children who don’t have homework, happier families due to less stressful daily life; the need for therapy is down.  Honestly, that makes me happy, other than the need to pay  my bills.  I like that people can find their joy; I like that people are free from worries and feel lighter; I like that people are less troubled and distressed during these lazy summer months.

May you find some joy be it on the beach, at an air conditioned summer movie or just lounging around with no homework, tests or frenzied weeks.  We know they are all around the corner, and when the crazy hits, I am here if you need me.


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