Snow Day


Medford, Milford, Needham, NEWTON, turn off the clock radio and go back to sleep.  Snow days as a kid.

10 years ago, I put on the television and watched the screen for Fairfax County Schools to be cancelled.

Today, my son came into my room at 4:30 a.m. after looking at his iPhone to announce that school was closed, then my husband and I both rolled over to our respective laptop and iPad to verify that school was, indeed, closed.

Technology has changed but snow days are still a great opportunity to cuddle in the house, stay in pj’s and watch the snow fall until someone (read: THE KIDS) has to go out and shovel.  (For the record, Kid #1 is suggesting that he supervise his siblings since he will be at college in warm Florida  next year when they will be responsible for clearing the driveway.)(For the record, I did not consent to his brilliant idea).  One of my favorite things is watching the snow fall; I like knowing that everyone is home and I don’t have to be anywhere requiring driving, then I really relax and watch the snow fall.

I think about my clients and many of their struggles.  Teens stuck in the house with their families; angry, sullen, thrilled that they don’t have to go to school, but annoyed that they might have to talk to their parents.  Couples who do their best to avoid each other and suddenly find themselves together, yet alone, in a home that is fighting for love.  And, those struggling with depression and anxiety; the grey and ominous feeling projected into the unending snowfall or anxiety about being trapped in or losing power and feeling helpless.

I am grateful that my clients are able to share their afflictions with me and trust in the process of therapy.  In my office they talk, cry, get angry and learn.  We process their experiences together and problem solve so that they can go back into the world and make better choices, have better relationships and feel stronger and happier.

My hope is that for the next snow day they will be able to relax, find joy and share hot chocolate and shoveling with their loved ones.

If you are  in the path of the storm, stay safe and warm.



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