Non-Snow Day Snow Day

Yeh, not so much this time

Yeh, not so much this time

This morning during my regularly scheduled check on FB for what’s going on in my little world, I saw a conversation about whether there would be an early dismissal from school today.  The Boston girl that I am rolled my eyes and moved on with the  morning.  During my wonderful peer supervision group where we were discussing a pretty intense therapy case my son texted that school might close early.  Not five minutes later, my friend and colleague heard from her husband, a teacher for the school system, that school was, in fact closing early.  And then, during the next 30 minutes, each of the five of us therapists in the room got a text or a call from either a spouse or the robo school system informing that school would be letting out two hours early due to an impending forecast of 1-2 inches of snow.

By the time I got home, there were 25 minutes before the first child rolled in.  About an hour later the next one hopped in with a gust of energy and then the last one, with car privileges who had politely asked if he could go out to lunch with some friends, entered the house.

By this time the first one and I were cozied up on the couch.  The sky was grey, my kids were home and the husband called that he was on the way home since he has been fighting a cold all week.  Talk to me mid-Monday when they are bored out of their mind and still have another day and a half before they go back to school due to teacher work days, but in that moment, I had this nice warm feeling when I realized everyone was home and safe, warm and cozy (and not fighting).

I always laugh at how snow is handled in this “pseudo-Southern” area.  But, I have to admit that once in a while, being home with everyone and cozying up is nice.  Like I said, call me next week and we’ll see where I am on this subject, but until then, be safe and warm, my friends.


2 Comments on “Non-Snow Day Snow Day”

  1. Robin feldman says:

    This native Texan gal who spent 16 years in Boston (all of which were driving years) totally gets what the native Bostonian mother is saying….and feeling (adding that being we are both therapists)!! Enjoy the loooong weekend with your kiddos…just think of Monday and Tuesdsy as would be snow days here in the metro dc area. Stay warm….. or cool. Cheers!

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