The Bridge

I wrote this last year for my website when  I was creating  I went back to it recently to refer it to a client that is struggling with committing to therapy.  She is hesitant and scared, resistant and angry.  I get it, therapy is hard which is why I wrote this; I know how difficult it is to get started and commit to therapy. I know how scary, painful and raw you can feel while in the process.  I happen to also know how freeing it can be once you get started and see that changes can be made. 
Read on:
Therapy can be like crossing a bridge.
You may be hesitant to approach it and take the first step.
You might feel  anxious about beginning the journey and perhaps ambivalent, frustrated and even scared during the crossing.
There will be times that you want to give up and turn around because going forward will feel painful and overwhelming.
But you will persevere; you will find that eventually, each step becomes easier and lighter.
You will begin to feel hope and your step might just become a prance or a strut.
There may be a bump or two on the bridge; it might slow you down for a bit, but then you will be right back to your easy pace.
As you get  closer to the other side of the bridge you will look back at where you started and feel a huge sense of relief.
You crossed the bridge; you got to the other side where there is a beautiful and joyful place for you to continue towards one step at a time.
I wish you a smooth ride and look forward to helping you on your journey.

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