Write it out

Welcome to this corner of my website.

I am starting a  blog to share some of my thoughts, insights and wisdom on therapy and my therapy practice. I hope to enlighten readers with articles,  relevant  posts that I happen upon  or any other tid bits of information that strike me as something worthy of sharing.   I hope that you will check back often and provide me with thoughts, comments or feedback that could enhance this blog.

Before going any further, this is my big disclaimer: I AM NOT A WRITER.

I enjoy writing, I have been told I “give good email” and I find writing to  be a wonderfully therapeutic tool.  I have often found myself writing when I come upon an emotional hurdle that I can’t seem to overcome.  The words flow, the emotions roll onto the paper (or screen in modern day) and I often find answers that I didn’t expect to find; the beauty is that the answers came simply by writing, pouring out my thoughts and feelings.

Have I found my perfect happy place from this journaling? Not necessarily, but often I find that there is some relief, a more clear picture and a peace that I wasn’t feeling prior to writing.

I’d like to  urge you to give it a try.  Prompts that have been suggested to me throughout the years have been:

1. Put a word on top of the page. It can be related to something or someone that is troubling you, or a random feeling that has been gnawing at you. Then write.  Try to write for 15 minutes. Write whatever comes to mind about that word.  Spelling, punctuation, proper sentences are of no matter, simply write.  See  what comes out, I guarantee there will be something that you discover that you didn’t know was there.

2. Where do I see myself in 5 years? 10 years? 15  years?

3.  I am feeling ___________   because____________.   Go!

Have fun, dig deep and most of all be kind to yourself.



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